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Solteam Opto, Inc was Founded in 1999, Solteam Opto, by utilizing the profound & professional background
in photo- & optoelectronic technology,has developed optical fiber components (communication),
photo-sensors (Ambient Light Sensor and Turbidity Sensor ) , and full color LED Signage and IC design and so on.
Positioned as a technology innovator, design & service provider,channel marketer, Solteam Opto provides total
solution to customers.Our products have been widely applied in various industries, such as LCD TV, STB, PC,
Audio equipment, NB,Game Console, DVD player, GPS, Mobile Phone, Surveillance , LED signage and so forth.

With continuous dedication in the industry over the years, Solteam Opto has gained outstanding reputationfrom
many prestigious global customers. Solteam Opto., by now, has become a leading supplier of plastic optical fiber.



1999Solteam Opto, Inc. is established in Taiwan in 1999 and devoted to development of Fiber Optic Devices
and focus on telecommunication markets.
2002Awarded “GREEN PARTNER” certification by SONY corporation.
2003Became appointed ODM supplier for PS2 Optical Output Module;
became qualified supplier of LGE.
2004Became the first company in Taiwan who obtained TÜV safety certificate.
2005Optical modules of Solteam Opto has the approval of FDA-DHHS safety regulation.
Awarded “Samsung Eco-Partner” and “ASUS Green Management System” certificates.
2006Awarded Deloitte & Touche's Fast 50 and Fast 500 in 2006.
Launched Development of Turbidity Sensor.
Launched Development of Ambient Light Sensor.
2007Became appointed ODM supplier of XBOX360 game console.
Launched Full Color Modularization LED Signage.
New plant in Suzhou is established in 2007.
Obtained LGE Green Program Certificate.
2008Announced the first unit of Full Color Modularization LED Signage.

2009Became the top 1 supplier of POF Tx/Rx modules in Taiwan
2010Ambient light sensor were approved by Nvidia T3 TI Omop 3&4
Named ezSignage’s brand as - and start to promote our ezSignage.
Awarded The 13th Rising Star Award
2011Awarded 20th National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises
2012Became appointed ODM supplier of XBOX360 game console.
Awarded 19th Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation Award
2013Ambient light sensor were approved by windows 8 Certification Nvidia T4
2014Ambient light senor became NVDIA Shield’s appointed part for their game console
Got MTK’s certificate for both ambient light sensor and proximity sensor
Got Intel’s certificate for both ambient light sensor and proximity sensor
Provide smart optic solution to international customers
Moving to HVW building to expand our business